Broomall Real Estate

    Broomall is a community outside Philadelphia that spans just 3 square miles, but makes a big impact in the area and positively influences surrounding communities. As one of the suburban towns in the greater Philadelphia area, Broomall is emerging as a top contender in popular places to live. Residents of Broomall really benefit from living in this fine community, and after a short visit, it’s easy to see why.

    Broomall real estate is charming and diverse, a combination that isn’t always represented in a suburban place. Home buyers will love the condos, townhomes, single family homes and multi-use properties among the homes for sale in Broomall. However, many properties don’t last long on the market, so any home buyers that are interested in Broomall real estate had better hustle.

    The population of Broomall is approximately 12,000 residents and it is located in Delaware County in Marple township. It was named after an area congressman and was considered a crossroads in the early days of the region. Like many suburban towns in the post-WWII era, Broomall grew both residentially and commercially as people fled the urban areas for new communities in the suburbs. Today, Broomall is an outstanding community with plenty of benefits for its residents.

    Broomall is bordered by Route 3 in the north, Darby Creek in the east and Newtown Square in the west. Major roads include I-476 and Route 3, allowing residents to get around easily and commute into Philadelphia as needed. Highway 1 and Highway 30 are also not too far away from residents of Broomall. The community is just as close to open spaces as it is to the big city, with places like Ridley Creek State Park, Springton Reservoir and more within a short drive. Residents really do have it all when they call Broomall home.

    The best communities have outstanding community amenities, and Broomall is no exception. With fine public schools that are managed by the Marple Newtown School District, resident children can attend 2 elementary schools and 1 middle school in town. The high school is located nearby. The nearby Marple Public Library serves Broomall residents. Beautiful parks in Broomall include New Ardmore Avenue Park, Veterans Park and Lawrence Park, among others. Residents have easy access to thriving commercial and business districts to provide them with everything they need.

    There are plenty of things to do in the Broomall area. Golf is challenging and fun at places like Paxon Hollow Country Club and Llanerch Country Club. Historic sites in town include the Thomas Massey House, and the nearby Grange Estate, Appleford Estate, Nitre Hall, and much more. Of course, the events and entertainment found in Philadelphia is just a few short miles away for residents of Broomall.

    Home buyers should not hesitate to look at the homes for sale in Broomall, because this community continues to improve itself every year. When home buyers put together a search list of places to live in the greater Philadelphia area, Broomall real estate should top that list.